Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Problem Solving Challenge - Place Value Understanding

Problem Solving

Miss Williamson was going down to Oakura 4 Square to
buy the school's ice blocks for the annual 'Fun Run' event
in Term 4. She needed to buy enough ice blocks for
everyone. She needed to get 340 ice blocks in total. Each
ice block costs $1 each. How many $10 notes did
Marilyn need to give Miss Williamson to pay for the
ice blocks? And how much change will she receive from
the 4 square once she's paid for the ice blocks?

What strategy did you use to work out the problem?
Have a go at explaining your thinking in the comments section.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Year 3 Swimming Carnival 2018

Swimming Sports was another great event at Oakura School. All of the children show cased their swimming skills and had fun in the school pool. What was your favourite event?

Monday, 5 March 2018

Beach Clean Up 2018

With Beach Clean up cancelled due to Cyclone Gita we decided to find an afternoon to clean up our local community. Room 4, 5 & K popped on a blue glove, grabbed some black rubbish bags and headed along the streets and into the parks of Oakura. We managed to find 2 whole bags of rubbish across the 3 classrooms. Well done team, we've made our community and environment a little tidier. 
Before we collected the rubbish we talked about what types of rubbish we might find and how to keep ourselves safe while collecting it. 
Can you make a comment on what types of rubbish were found in our community? 

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Swimming Lessons Term 1 2018

In our swim lessons we are focusing on survival skills and floating on our backs. The children are learning how to scull and keep themselves afloat. The pool is a fun place for us to gain confidence! 

Beach Education Day 2018

Beach Education Day was a great syndicate event. Our students got the opportunity to learn about surf life saving, how to stay safe in the water, how to be sun smart and how to look for rips. I was super impressed with how knowledgeable our young learners were. 
Have a go at writing down 2 things you learnt at Beach Ed day. Add your comments to our blog post! 

Active Listening in Room 5

As a class we discussed what an active listener looks like and sounds like-
Here are some of our ideas:
1. Look at the person who is talking - make eye contact 
2. keep your hands and feet to yourself 
3. use your ignoring muscles
4. move away from distractions 
5. nod your head to show you're interested in the conversation 
6. Let the person speak with no interruptions 
7. when responding asking open ended question 
8. Try not to make personal statements 
9. You should look interested 

If you can think of some different ideas that would help you and your friends be an active listener add them to our blog post!

Check out our photos - We used puppets to show what a good active listener looks like and sounds like.

Welcome to Room 5 2018

Welcome to Room 5's blog. During the year this is a space where you can get a glimpse into your child's classroom. There will be pictures, post, videos and loads of fun along the way. On the blog we share our discoveries and learn how to make sensible blog comments that help us with our learning!
If you're a mum, dad, grandparent, friend or school member please make some cool blog comments to help us with our learning. We love hearing from you all.

Kind regards

Miss Williamson